Saturday, March 12, 2011

Behold the Cross, Horrible & Beautiful

There are pictures I have seen of saints, popes,, religious, lay men and women contemplating and adoring the crucifix. I never understood how someone could just stare at a crucifix for minutes, even hours on end. Then a while ago, I caught myself doing something I have in reality been doing for a very long time: contemplating the crucifix.

I found myself staring down at the St. Benedict cross around my neck and thinking about Our Blessed Lord, and I realized: the crucifix is a paradoxical image. It is the most horrible and most beautiful image we can gaze upon in the world. In it, we witness the greatest act of love the world has ever know, and on it we witness the most horrible act that man could ever commit. Our Lord gave Himself over to us, and we killed Our Lord on the cross - all so that we could live.

This is the greatest act of love that was done by a Man, and this Man is my God. He is your God. And He is the God of every man, woman, child that breathes.

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